This one is finally completing the 10 series and was very very challenging, I've learned a lot from this spinning Head.
The goal was to lit entirely the scene using only the tungsten from the lamps with the support of G.I. and physical render and furthermore testing x-presso driven simulation with collision deformer in order to make the head boil.
I've found some obstacles with the depth of field and transparency because a depth map can't contain both transparency informations and depth (a pixel can't have two values) so I've founded a workaround with Z-Blur plugin for Cinema 4d combined with the glass dome's object buffer.
Compositing this stuff was also very fun, there was a fresco in the back that's nearly completely gone with the compositing.... keeping everything physical has it's twist in the tale... also I've founded out that Cinema 4d0s Color Mapping effect isn't calculated in the passes so I've had to recreate it with levels in AE.
Apart from some issues with the G.I. (flickering here and there) I'm overall very satisfied with the result.
TECH INFOS: frames were rendered in 960x540 and upscaled because a single one took about 30 mins.
G.I. setup was Irradiance Cache for primary method and Light Mapping for the second, with samples set to Low.
Multichannel-Exr for export and linear workflow tested with ACES color profile.

3D model scan by JOTERO