Series of renders done for the CGMA course Abstract FX in Houdini with Adam Swaab and Maxime Hacquard as instructors.
The main goal was to study Houdini from basic things to advanced one privileging the aspects of the software dedicated to the creation of abstract scenarios.
The Course was divided into 8 weeks, leaving the last four for a bigger project.
Everything was done in Houdini, rendered with Arnold and composited in AE, beneath every gallery you'll find a HOUDINI SAUCE to download the free project.


For each loops, polyextrude and point groups iterations.

Procedural modelling through random parameters and noises in VOP.


Copy to point iteration based on Cd attribute, fully customisable and procedural meshed through SDF.


Operations with vdb and volumes, playing with inverted mesh results, procedural modelling and scatters.

Final delivery for the CGMA course Abstract FX in Houdini.

I really want to thank @aswaab and @mhsmax for their comprehensive lessons,
the @cgmasteracademy for the opportunity and their efficiency and all the other friends that were with me during this journey.